Skyway …


  1. Business: Development of innovative environmentally friendly transport. Intention to enter the stock exchange market in short terms
  2. Earnings: Depending of the markt. As from 2020 20% dividend a year
  3. Investment: $ 15.- Max. $ 50.000 (payment in terms possible)
  4. Transactions: AdvcashBitcoin, creditcard
  5. Advice: Start with as much as possible. Shares now cost $ 0,01
  6. Referrals: Very profitable.  Not required
  7. Activity: Have a look once in a while
  8. Detals:
    • Business owner: Anatoly Yunitskiy, Russian engineer
    • He developped the technology
    • He made more than 140 NASA inventions
    • Several countries signed contracts for the implementation of this technology
    • India establishes an own factory with EcoTechnoPark
    • You can buy and sell shares in the company (similar to the start of e.g. Facebook, Apple and Google) Head Office in Minsk with EcoTechnoPark and factory
    • 300 billion pre-orders
    • India already paid 922 million for 15.000 cabins
    • It is expected that after the IPO the shares will be traded between  1 and 10 dollar

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